Fiber Optic Division

We have been supplying quality optical fibers and related products from reliable and quality Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Rayon and Sumital Optical Glass. Our plastic fiber (POF) and glass fiber (GOF) are very suitable for fiber optic lighting system and many companies are choosing our products line for their high-end lighting system. If you have problem selecting fiber, contact us for further information. Our sales and technical team will help you right away.

Glass Fiber GOF
(Sumita Optical Glass)
High grad light transmission
(for Lighting System)
Plastic Fiber POF (PMMA)
(Mitsubishi Rayon)
Lighting Application(Illumination, Sign)
Sensor, Data link, Network
Side light fiber
Illumination, Sign
Fiber and Optical products Light Guide
Image Bundle
Near Infrared Ray Filters
Precision Molding Lenses
Sensor Heads
Light Sources
Light Rod Conduit