Acoustical Innovations Telephone Headsets for Call centers and offices

Products List

Telephone Headset

Inspire Monaural(TM) LX-800 Cushioned receiver for all day comfort.
Inspire Binaural(TM) LX-900 Comfortable binaural design
Tri-Mount Convertible(TM) FX-200 Converts to three possible wearing styles


Global Amplifier(TM) GA-100 Universal compatibility with nearly all business telephones
Dial Pad DP-8 Single line telephone designed for Acoustical Innovations headsets.


AC-Power Supply AC-P Eliminates need for batteries when used with GA-100
Amplifier Cord AI-C Regular amplifier coil cord replacement. QD to modular jack. Standard wiring.
Extension Cord AI-EXT-6 10 foot extension cord
Computer adapter cord AI-Comp-M-S QD to two 3.5mm plugs. Use LX and FX headsets for PC with mic and phone jack.
3.5mm Cord 3.5mm Cord QD to 3.5mm plug. Use LX and FX headsets for telephone with 3.5mm jack.
2.5mm Cord 2.5mm Cord QD to 2.5mm plug. Use LX and FX headsets for telephone with 2.5mm jack.
Supervisor Switch SS-1 Allows supervisor access to agent calls, use with GA-100 supervisor port
Ear Cushions MIS-33-PR Inspire series ear cushion. 25 EA per bag.
Wind Screen MIS-13 Inspire series wind screen. 25 EA per bag.
Ear Cushions FX-EC Tri-Mount Convertible ear cushion
Wind Screen FX-MC Tri-Mount Convertible wind screen